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BalkanTrading is a brand-name distribution house established in Moldova in 2012 for the Sporting/Outerwear/Street Fashion apparel and footwear, kitchenware and jewelry. Based initially in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, BalkanTrading plans to gain market penetration and establish itself as the top of the line logo and apparel distributor in Moldova as well as in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and the whole Balkan area.

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BalkanTrading is a corporation having its offices in Chisinau,Moldova , Bucharest,Romania and Varna,Bulgaria. The Balkan local market is in its infancy and primed for the introduction to branded apparel. The upper middle and upper class post-communist generation is growing rapidly and our Balkan area is in a prime position to supply this expanding market with quality lines of apparel, footwear and accessories. With growing openness and awareness to the western world, the former soviet provinces are an emerging market ready to be tapped into. BalkanTrading focuses on bringing well-known, high quality brands that the local customer is aware of from the media, internet, travels in Europe but still unable to purchase locally. We feel that too many European and American brands often overlook the marketplace of the former Soviet Union countries to their peril. This is a mistake since all these countries together represent more than 70 mln population with its growing demand. The Moldovan, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Romanian customer is a fashion-forward and the young generation travels and shops online. Contrary to the belief of many Europeans, there are many customers with the budget for middle-up and high-end styles.


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